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Aubrey Dawne Edwards is—primarily—a portrait photographer, visual anthropologist, storyteller and educator with an Associate of Applied Science in Photography, a Bachelor of Journalism, and a Master of Science in Urban Studies. She has been the recipient of numerous grants and residencies, and has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally.

Her client list includes: BBC, Camel, Comedy Central, Esquire, Fender Guitars, HBO, Magnolia Pictures, Nike, Playboy, Red Bull, The United Nations, Time, Volcom and innumerable magazines and record labels. Her collaborators range from Spike Lee to the Smithsonian Institution. She is both a member of the collective Southerly Gold and the artist-run space Good Children.

Aubrey is youth advocate and a healing-centered / trauma-informed arts educator. She has worked with young people in an array of capacities for over 20 years. She works with young people to amplify their voice and use visual storytelling to address issues of social justice, public space, environmental stewardship, and gender / sexuality. 

She is a naturalist, gardener, cartographer, metalsmith, storyteller, plays in a T. Rex cover band, rides vintage motorcycles and rehabilitates wild birds. 


I create images from the stories that people—and places—tell me.

Inspired by the natural world and intrigued by culture created in far off niches, I  create visual records of people and their places. I produce multimedia, visual anthropological projects wherein I work alongside communities to collaboratively trace the roots, rituals and history of their culture. Utilizing varied research, oral histories, mapping, and archival imagery, I explore customs that are inextricably linked to place, and places whose history are the seedbed for culture. And, I also love to make pretty things.


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