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Aubrey Dawne Edwards is—primarily—a portrait photographer, visual anthropologist and educator with an Associate of Applied Science in Photography, a Bachelor of Journalism, and a Master of Science in Urban Studies. She has been the recipient of numerous grants and residencies, and has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally.

Her client list includes: BBC, Camel, Comedy Central, Esquire, Fender Guitars, HBO, Magnolia Pictures, Nike, Playboy, Red Bull, The United Nations, Time, Volcom and innumerable magazines and record labels. Her collaborators range from Spike Lee to the Smithsonian Institution. She is a member of the collective Southerly Gold and Atlanta’s Dashboard Co-op.

Aubrey is the founder of the Veteran’s Photo Project —addressing PTSD through image-making— and is a trauma-informed arts educator working in multiple arenas of youth advocacy and therapy. The majority of her work utilizes visual storytelling and promotes youth-advised skatepark construction.

She is a naturalist, tap dancer, cartographer, metalsmith, storyteller, plays in a T. Rex cover band, rides vintage motorcycles and rehabilitates wild birds.

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