April 15: Launch of We are Anthracite

It is with incredible joy to announce the launch of We Are Anthracite. A project very near to my heart, and years in the making.

From the press release:

The Anthracite Heritage Museum in partnership with the University of Maryland recently completed phase one of a new digital exhibit titled “We are Anthracite” to collect and share the stories of people not represented in the museum. To share the stories of new immigrants in real time and to understand these cyclical patterns of behavior. To share the stories of people who have been in our region for centuries but whose stories weren’t presented. Site Administrator Dr. Bode Morin says, “the anthracite region hosts a unique and complex mining culture. It is one of the oldest industrial communities in the country composed and enriched by cultures from all over the world. However, it is important that we realize that global shifts continue to affect our area and as a museum that we explore those shifts to understand how our region is changing. We also need to examine some of the people whose impact on our culture is not formally recognized but who played an important role in who and what we are today.”