may 2: Rudy Brunner Award for urban excellence + skateboarders

I grew up skateboarding, and know how important the community and confidence that come with alongside it are for young people. I spent 2013-2015 collecting oral histories from young skateboarders in New Orleans, archiving their words and stories so I could use my privilege as an adult to share and  advocate for more safe spaces where young people can skateboard in our city. It  was super awesome to sit at lunch and share my research and oral histories with the judges from the Rudy Brunner Award for Urban Excellence who have named The Small Center as a finalist. The Small Center was instrumental in providing technical and design assistance to the skateboarders who built and envisioned Parisite skatepark. Apparently this award is quite prestigious,  and it was lovely to uplift the voices of young skateboarders in New Orleans East who cherish and utilize Parasite.