January 17: The Living New Deal National Associate

Incredibly excited to be the Wyoming National Associate for The Living New Deal. As a deep public works enthusiast —and a lifetime admirer of the WPA— I am looking forward to researching and photographing New Deal sites in this state, and sharing these stories and spaces with a larger audience. While the New Deal was far from perfect and failed to oppose racist and oppressive social order in the U.S., it was one hell of a federal program rooted in civic duty and public service. See what New Deal sites are in your city. 

December 4: Haub School Research & Creative Activities Grant

Cheers to the Haub School of Environmental and Natural Resources for the funding to create a photography book of visual research conducted in Belize and two sites of wildlife rehabilitation and ambassadorship. I can not wait to photograph at the The Raptor Center and the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center, and send copies of the book back these beloved institutions.

November 4: Frison Institute & Center for Global Studies funding

I’m ecstatic to receive funding from the Frison Institute as well as the Center for Global Studies at the University of Wyoming. This research funding will support my travel to site visits, in collecting oral histories and photographing folks throughout Belize engaged in interdisciplinary practices that, together, comprise the country’s environmental conservation and stewardship of heritage, cultural and archaeological sites.

October 8: Urban matters

My collaborative work with Arianna King in Cape Coast, Ghana was published in Urban Matters Journal. You can see the photo essay and incredible accompanying text here. 

JULY 11: Montello Foundation Residency

I am so grateful to be the artist-in-residence at the Montello Foundation later this month. I look forward to creating artwork in the Nevada and Utah desert while learning about the flora and fauna in the region. What a treat.

June 23rd: Climates of Inequality

It’s an honor to work with The Midlo Center at The University of New Orleans to aid in the curation, the exhibition design, and the installation of the Humanities Action Lab traveling exhibition Climates of Inequality.  The exhibition will open at 5 Press gallery in January 2022, more information closer to.

June 10: interview in antigravity magazine

My dear friend Happy Burbeck interviewed me about my process for a lovely little piece in Antigravity Gravity, you can read it here.

may 17: University of Wyoming

We will be moving to the Southeast Wyoming town of Laramie this summer. I have been accepted to earn a Master of Arts in Anthropology and Environmental and Natural Sciences with a focus on community archeology while also earning a graduate certificate in GIS. I am thrilled to explore the intersection of science, visual anthropology, art making, photography, mapmaking, and collaborative archeology in the Rocky Mountain West.

February 11: Anthracite Heritage Museum

I have been working and organizing with Pennsylvania’s Anthracite Heritage Museum on a community-rooted project uplifting and celebrating folks from the community. This work includes interviews with and story collection from folks who comprise the dynamic fabric of an ever evolving coal region.

October 1st: Louisiana State Museum acquisition

I had the pleasure of photographing the late great 5th Ward Weebie in 2010 for the living bounce and hip hop archive Where They At, his portrait is now part of LSM’s permanent collection. Thank you Weebie.